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The Top Tax Court Cases of 2018: Reunited With The Hobby Loss Rules And It Feels So Good
(Forbes) - The ramifications of being categorized as a hobby are severe: while a business can generate a loss, when you're conducting a hobby, you may only deduct your expenses to the extent of your income.
Accountants Working Longer Hours
(Accounting Today) - It’s known far and wide that accountants work some of the longest hours from February – April. Unfortunately for many accountants, CPAs and self-filing businesses, it’s time to add January to that list.
Do Public Companies Manipulate Cash Flow Benchmark to Boost Credit Ratings?
(CPA Practice Advisor) - In the early period of performance pricing, creditworthiness (and, therefore, rates) were determined principally by accounting metrics, most commonly the ratio of company debt to earnings, with grids specifying higher rates as a firm’s ratio increased and lower rates as it fell.
How Microsoft Is About to Make Google Chrome Even Better
(How-to-Geek) - Many people are wringing their hands about Microsoft partnering with Google to gain control over the internet. But Microsoft abandoning the EdgeHTML browser engine is awesome news...Now all the browser engines will be open-source.
Is It Safe to Eat Raw Cookie Dough? Here's What the CDC Says
(Deseret News) - The CDC warned consumers this week that eating raw cookie dough or cake mixes can be harmful to your health. The announcement comes in the middle of the holiday season when cookies and cakes are aplenty.
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