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Managing Data as an Asset
(CPA Journal) - With the popularity of and increasing reliance on data analytics to drive strategic business initiatives and achieve organizational objectives, the accounting profession’s interest in safeguarding data and ensuring its reliability is well grounded.
Tax Profs Weigh In On Supreme Court's Decision On The Constitutional Limits Of State Taxation Of Trusts
(Tax Prof Blog) - Following up on Saturday's post, Unanimous Supreme Court: State Cannot Tax Out-Of-State Beneficiary On Undistributed Trust Income:
What Makes a Practice Truly Successful?
(Accounting Web) - As you muddle through each busy season, each month-end review, client call or even staff hour calculation, do you have a sense of how exactly your firm is growing (if at all?).
Slurpees incoming! 7-Eleven begins delivery in public spaces
(Finance Yahoo) - Craving a Slurpee but lacking the motivation to get off a park bench? No worries. 7-Eleven launched a delivery service Monday that will send a Slurpee or almost anything else carried by the chain to public places ranging from parks to beaches.
How to Record Your Screen with Microsoft PowerPoint
(How-to-Geek) - If you need to record your screen to demonstrate a process as part of your PowerPoint presentation, you can use the built-in tools to do so. Here’s how to record your screen using PowerPoint.
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