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The 10 Best Cities for Accountants
(Accounting Web) - Sometimes, the grass really is greener elsewhere. LedgerLink, a social and career community for accounting professionals, recently conducted extensive surveys and analysis to determine the very best American cities for accountants, including a calculation of average salaries.
D.C. Circuit Upholds IRS's Voluntary Regulation Of Tax Preparers
(TaxProf Blog) - The D.C. Circuit then went a step further and ruled on the merits of the AICPA’s challenge to the IRS’s rulemaking. It held that the IRS had the statutory authority to promulgate the voluntary program to enhance the skills of licensed tax return preparers.
Cautionary Tax Tale For Consultants With Long Term Gigs
(Forbes) - So this Tax Court decision about "business home" hits pretty close to home for me. Michael E. Brown, who has an accounting degree, an MBA and had a New Jersey CPA license practices as a "concierge CFO".
Personal financial satisfaction up in first quarter after market rebound
(JofA) - As 2018 came to a close, the average American’s personal financial satisfaction, as measured by the AICPA’s Personal Financial Satisfaction Index (PFSi), took a tumble for the first time in two years. But a stock market rebound...
How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Chrome
(How-to-Geek) - Google Chrome does a great job at blocking pop-up windows out of the box, but sometimes it prevents them even if you’re expecting one from a trusted site. Here’s how you can take control and allow or block pop-ups in Chrome.
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