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New FAQs Address PPP Loan Forgiveness Issues

(JofA) - The SBA and Treasury published guidance answering 23 frequently asked questions related to the forgiveness of loans issued under the Paycheck Protection Program.

Is your priority to maintain or do better?

It’s a different ballgame now than it was before the crisis. While the new reality might pose challenges for many firms, it also provides opportunities for proactive firms like yours. AccountantsWorld’s 2020 Promise is here to guide you through those changes. Learn more

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4 Tips to Attract the Right Clients 
(Accounting Web) - Despite the pandemic, you still need to work to build your practice. If you're in wealth management or even if you have a standard tax practice, financial expert Lawrence Sprung recommends focusing your efforts on the right clients, rather than taking just anyone.

Which Big 4 Firm Was the Biggest Loser In the Second Auditor Shuffle of 2020? 
(Going Concern) - One thing that hasn’t slowed down too much during the Rona pandemic is the game of auditor musical chairs, as there were 51 new SEC audit client engagements and 62 departures in the second quarter...

Chromebooks Versus Windows Laptops: Which Should You Buy? 
(PC World) - In the fight between a Google Chrome OS-powered Chromebook and a Microsoft Windows PC, it boils down to cost versus convenience.

U.S. Consumer Spending Rises 5.6% in June 
(CFO) - U.S. consumer spending rose sharply for a second straight month in June though economists fear the recovery may be dampened as Americans face a surge in coronavirus infections and the loss of additional unemployment benefits.

The Fed is Expected to Make a Major Commitment to Ramping Up Inflation Soon 
(CNBC) - Recent statements from Fed officials and analysis from market veterans and economists point to a move to “average inflation” targeting in which inflation above the central bank’s usual 2% target would be tolerated and even desired.

Offer Client Accounting Services in 90 days

To offer Client Accounting Services (CAS), you don’t need to be a big firm - and you don't need new clients. Learn how to leverage your existing skills and clients to start a profitable CAS practice. Read our post.

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